About Us


Md. Jawed Alam
Managing Director, Mehar Homes Pvt. Ltd.

Mehar Homes Pvt. Ltd. is amongst the most eminent developer of Building & Homes in Bihar. MD. Jawed Alam (Guddu) is Managing Director of Mehar Homes Pvt. Ltd. A man of humble demeanor, Md. Jawed Alam is a visionary with an innate ability to provide solutions for any situation brought to his notice. His determination and commitment towards fair business practices has helped Mehar Homes emerge as an ethical real estate developer as they have set high business standards and do business with integrity. Md. Jawed Alam believes that customer loyalty and goodwill cannot be built in one day. It is a long lasting relationship that needs to be nurtured and nourished. It is this humble belief of his that drives him to motivate his team to deliver a construction quality that is by far the best so that the buildings that they build stand the test of time.

The living spaces and the commercial workplaces that are developed by his company are not mere concrete structures but are built with an underlying thought of providing the dwellers with an ambiance where they can be happy, joyful and tranquil thereby, resulting in a high quality of life.

Here at Mehar Homes Pvt. Ltd., we believe that our job is not just to build homes and Develop colonies but also to build and develop lifelong relationships. All project is executed with the help of the finest architects, engineers designers and contractors, Which gives a splendid end result. We understand the need of our customers and assist them accordingly .Our homes/plots are designed to interact with the beauty of nature. Our organization has a dedicated team of professionals, having outstanding design capabilities which won us accolades for innovative approach in designing of residential and commercial edifices. The steep growth profile has been attained due to innovative management and tremendous leadership. The group aspires to attain strong intensification and expansion of real-estate and investment ventures.




To promote a seamless and positive experience with excellence and innovation.

  • To strengthen our position as a leading construction company
  • To become the customers most preferred choice
  • To provide highest level of service in construction industry
  • To continually develop & adopt state-of-the-art technology
  • To build long term relationships with our clientele



Dedication to the success of our clients, our people, and Mehar Homes heritage.

  • To become world class leading construction firm
  • Commitment to total customer satisfaction
  • To provide Innovative designs & superlative quality of material
  • Quality Commitment
  • Demonstrating the highest standards of workmanship



Safety is the most important of our core values. It is our first priority during every work day.


Involvement in and support of the community are at the heart of our company.


Mehar Home’s commitment to green building and sustainability is long-standing.

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