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What does carpet area of a flat refer to?

This is the area of the apartment excluding the thickness of the walls. In simpler words, if a carpet had to be laid the area that the carpet would cover

What does built-up area of a flat refer to?

This is the carpet area of the flat together with the area of the space occupied by the walls. The thickness of the walls would also be included.

What does super built-up area of a flat refer to?

This includes the built up area of the flat together with the area under common spaces such as the lobby, lifts, stairs, open space around the building etc.

What are the common areas referred to in a flat?

Common area would include areas covered by stairs, lobbies, lifts, open space around the building, the terrace of the building etc.,

What are the ongoing projects of Mehar Homes?

Green City Patna Township near AIIMS Patna is the ongoing project of Mehar Homes.

Where is your Project Site Location ?

The location of Green City Patna Township is Near AIIMS Patna,Main Road,Naharpura,Aurangabad State Highway.

What is the rate at Green City Patna Township?

Block A – Only 18 Lakh per Kattha
Block B – Only 15 Lakh per Kattha
Block C – Only 13 Lakh per Kattha
where 1 Kattha = 1300 sq. ft   |  Each plot of 1300 sq. ft

What are the features of Green City Patna Township?

The various facilities that will be available at Green City Patna Township are :
– For Amusement Park Land 20 Kattha
– For Community Hall, Gym etc Land 4 Kattha
– Main Roads 30′ ft
– Branch Road 20′ ft
– 2.5 % Discount for Doctors, Armies & Polices 

What is the payment schedule for the project?

-Booking Amount 30% of Total Amount at the time of agreement (Possession within 45 dats after agreement)
-Total payment within 11 months OR Payment on installment EMI for 24 or 30 months
-One time Payment at the time of booking 5% discount
– Rate varies on the factor:- Booking Date,Location of Plot & Size Plot

Whom to contact in case of further query or confusion ?

Do Not worry We would be happy to address your concern.Just give us a call at  +91 9386645308 | +91 7979087856 

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